Friday, November 26, 2010

My Latest Fishing Story: A Fishing Report

This time I was out for fishing in the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. I was with few of my friends. This fishing report is about that trip only. We were super enthusiastic as we were using the Intimidator 4". This comes with Goby colored tubes. And it has got a Carolina style. We were so very happy using the vessel as it was truly wonderful.

Fishing Report
We ventured in to deep waters with the rig. After few time, one of my friends got some action in his fishing line. And when he was rolling his fishing line back in the reel, he got that it was really big something that has stuck in to his hook. When we saw him struggling with the line I went to rescue him. After quite a long trial we caught a 35 + Smallmouth Bass. This made us really very happy.

We have done home work before going out and have gone through a number of fishing reports to get a better idea of the area and it water. So we were now trying to get a hold on some Northern Pikes. And as we already have known where are the hot spots for the species so it dint took us long to catch Northern Pike.

We then found some deep holes and that made us threw some Serious Walleye Rigs. And from there we picked up 6 Walleyes. We are a generous enough to let most of the fishes away, while we kept a number of them for fish fries. Two of my friends said that this was the best river-fishing trip of their lives. My friend wrote in his fishing report that this was the first time he caught so many fishes in one trip including a big one. This needs specially to be mentioned that we used live frogs as baits. And to keep them alive and active we used intimidator tubes as these works well to catch these slippery frogs.

A lot of fishing reports are there in the web about the fruitfulness of the place and mine one is also adding up to them. I am glad that we had this trip and the experience is truly marvelous one and am going to remember it forever.

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