Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Fishing Report on My Hiking & Casting Experience

Recently I was out on a hiking and casting trip with some of my friends and after going through a lot of fishing reports we were superbly enthusiastic about the trip and we had set our expectations high from this adventure. We were geared up with all the accessories that we found necessary. So finally we took our fishing gears and buckle into haversacks and started.

We all had this vibe that this is going to an experience to remember. After reaching the spot we headed to the first large pool. The pool was closest to the place where the 4WD track met the river. The site was mind blowing. The place had awesome visual sceneries but the place dint really offered us anything. Although it was not that surprising and it was too much to expect anything from the place. It was hardly surprising to consider the hammering and release lure tossers.

As most of the fishing cases that I have, this time also the beginning was not that interesting, while the day unfolded its surprises at its later parts. The minimal amount of water that was flowing in the river was coming from Copeton. The river that we were into was basically was a series of pools. And this was linked with small runs of water. Sonner we have witnessed that the smaller cods were moving in the water. And we took no time to cast out baits and were happy to get a grab on the lot. Larger fishes were deep down under the water. Mostly ledges and boulders are mainly traveling on the pool bodies.

We keep on our hiking and casting trip in around the water and enjoyed it on the fullest. A lot of fishes of lot of variety were being bagged. We came back with lot of memories of exploring newest places. That was not a serious trip of that type. It was for more of fun than of anything else. But whatever the type or motive of a trip would be, it always left all of us with a lot of experience, fun and memories to cherish all the time. This trip was one like that and though I don’t have that much to offer in this fishing report but I am feeling happy to post it.

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