Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fishing Report On a Wise Fishing Technique

Fishing Report
I was out for fishing in the local water and was in a very fresh mind. I was ready to experiment some new things this time. I’ve decided to change some techniques this time. That day without going out in the morning, I went out in the afternoon at around 4 pm. This was the time when the sun was not hot but the temperature was still at moderate 30 centigrade.  And this was perfect for warming the water surface and this was a wise decision as the fishes were also in and around to enjoy this soothing warmth.

As it was the time when the day was about to end, so there was no time for me to waste. I’ve gone through few fishing reports where I’ve seen the hot spots of the water. And I’ve decided to hit those hot spots only. I was carrying my latest Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners and casted them on the respectful paces where the hot spots were. The results came almost instantly as my new Blue Fox spinners were working perfectly. I had managed to grab a nice 200 gram perch within almost no time. It took me no time to understand that perch were in and around and they were pretty aggressive as well.

After the first perch it took me a little tie to grab the next one. As the day was about to end so I was fearing I may not stay for long as in the dark it was of no use to wait for fishes. After a little wait, which was annoying as other than perch my hook was hitting to all the un-wanted stuffs. After a little wait my hook got hits every now and then. And I caught a lot of perch which made me really happy. But none was as great as the first one of the day.

So the moral is sometimes its better to step out of the lot and try something different. This help us to get an extremely different experience altogether. The monotony I was having was broken. And the results were also satisfying as well. And I’ll be really glad if this fishing report will help somebody to get out of his/her regular closets.

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