Friday, October 15, 2010

Fishing Reports: One Of My Most Unusual Experiences

Fishing Reports
Among other fishing reports, this one is really special to me, as it is about one of the most interesting & memorable fishing trips that I’ve enjoyed. It was somewhere in July of 2005. Me and my friends were on a trip to the Northwest Wisconsin that time. We’ve decided we will hunt for Musky. The skies were clear and the temperature was just perfect of 80 degrees F and winds were also calm.

We started the day a bit early and quickly enough I got two really hard hits on my hook. After some time my cast was slammed by something and I was pretty sure that it must be a fish of my lifetime. I was struggling and my friends also came out to help. But All of a sudden the rod got EXPLODED into multiple pieces. That made me extremely frustrated as I was left with a broken fishing pole and a lost huge catch. But somewhere I was hoping that this will turn out to be something really exciting and I’ll be adding this one on my fishing reports.

But I was not disheartened, nor was the day over. I changed the rods and believe me… within 10 minutes I was hit again! This one was not going to get away, so I again set the hook like ten angry men and once again my rod was now using exploded into two pieces. But this time I acted clever and fortunately I had already buried the hooks into the massive mouth of that monster. My friends kept reeling and the fish got to the side of the boat. Now the next problem was to get it into the net and pull her on the boat. As we all know it’s hard to tackle a moderate fish in to into its comfortable space – water. And this one was a real monster. This one was a monster at its true sense and we all had a quite a tough time to make it ours.

We’ve decided to take some photographs of the giant and let it go and we’ve doe the same. So finally we all were left with two broken fishing poles and a successful catch and release of a fish of a lifetime. I am feeling really great to share this as one of my best fishing reports.

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