Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Fishing Report about a Funny Incident

I was out for fishing with my nephew last morning. The young lad was very keen to learn some first hand experience in fly fishing, so I was showing him the finer art of the game and this fishing report is about the experience. I was confident that at-least I would end up catching a loch moor and my nephew will get to experience that he desperately was longing for.

This time I was out with a weight forward sinking line which is regarded as the best for fly fishing. I had also made it compulsory for my nephew to go through some fishing reports before the experience. I planned to target some Australian salmon. And I was happy and my nephew was happier seeing the container getting filled up with salmons. He was also trying and learning the tactics by casting false casts.

I was keen to let him try some actual casts and also wanted make sure that the casts should be productive. And I must admit, the boy had tremendous luck in doing so. I was in-fact stunned to see how easily he was getting hold on those wealth. At his age I dint even knew how to hold the fishing line. I was literally awestruck at his deeds. When I was silently admiring him, the cast that I was holding from my back got a bite from salmon. The ten years old was then making fun of me, “Are you going to let that one go away? You seriously don’t want that or what?” His sarcasm let me understand that I’ve stuck one of them unknowingly.

By the time I’ve understood what exactly was going on, the fish had already grabbed the fly on the cast and was already leaving. After the initial shock I was on quick action again and grabbed the rod and started folding it. After quite a struggle I finally managed to get the salmon on my box. Although this is a success story, but the humor that is attached to it gave my nephew an extra bit of fun here. He is now busy spreading the story how a salmon was about his uncle fool.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fishing Report : Using GrubMaster Jigs

Fishing Report
I have a hobby to collect all sort of fishing accessories. And this fishing report is about the experience that I had with my new GrubMaster jigs. The one that I purchased recently is a 3 inch single trail grub. And I must admit, this tool is of great help. I found it awesomely compatible with bass fishing. The new jig has made it really a soothing experience. I’ve also era a lot of fishing reports before going for this accessory. And I must say, my research was worthwhile. The jig has paid me back big time. I am more than satisfied using that.

This time I went to a friend’s place who have more than 100 private lakes at his disposal and he entertains all his friends and acquaintances to enjoy a cool fishing experience there. People whoever visited my friend’s, always came with a great memory and you can confirm the fact after going through the fishing reports that they all have published. So I also decided to put one as well. And my new jig gave me more reasons to add on it.

I must admit, before this I've tried a lot of jigs. And as I said I have a hobby of collecting fishing tools, so I have a lot them as well. But the latest one is the most perfect I have come across ever. This new jig gives a better swimming action. And the presentation looks awesomely natural. The thin body smartly allows inserting itself in to the grub tail. This process makes the entire lure soft and help it to look more natural. That day I caught a 23-1/2 inch bass. The wealth was weighing over six pounds.

It will not be fare from my part if I don’t give enough credit to the smart design of the tool in this fishing report. And I know I am among the very few people who all are using this extremely adorable GrubMaster jig. Rest assured that this text piece will spread the word and it will certainly add to the fact that more people know about this amazing tool and make up their minds to give it a chance.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Latest Fishing Story: A Fishing Report

This time I was out for fishing in the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. I was with few of my friends. This fishing report is about that trip only. We were super enthusiastic as we were using the Intimidator 4". This comes with Goby colored tubes. And it has got a Carolina style. We were so very happy using the vessel as it was truly wonderful.

Fishing Report
We ventured in to deep waters with the rig. After few time, one of my friends got some action in his fishing line. And when he was rolling his fishing line back in the reel, he got that it was really big something that has stuck in to his hook. When we saw him struggling with the line I went to rescue him. After quite a long trial we caught a 35 + Smallmouth Bass. This made us really very happy.

We have done home work before going out and have gone through a number of fishing reports to get a better idea of the area and it water. So we were now trying to get a hold on some Northern Pikes. And as we already have known where are the hot spots for the species so it dint took us long to catch Northern Pike.

We then found some deep holes and that made us threw some Serious Walleye Rigs. And from there we picked up 6 Walleyes. We are a generous enough to let most of the fishes away, while we kept a number of them for fish fries. Two of my friends said that this was the best river-fishing trip of their lives. My friend wrote in his fishing report that this was the first time he caught so many fishes in one trip including a big one. This needs specially to be mentioned that we used live frogs as baits. And to keep them alive and active we used intimidator tubes as these works well to catch these slippery frogs.

A lot of fishing reports are there in the web about the fruitfulness of the place and mine one is also adding up to them. I am glad that we had this trip and the experience is truly marvelous one and am going to remember it forever.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fishing Report of My Fisherman Spirit

I love to share my fishing reports on web Last week I took a trip on a charter boat and this fishing report is about that only. I am avid fisherman who is always keen to spend most of his time on the water only. I also had gone through a number of accidents while catching fish but those hurdles never let me away from the thing that I love most to do.

Fishing Reports
Once I went on a fishing trip with one of my very good friends named Robin Calitri. He is a retired school teacher and writes a lot of fishing reports. We were on a private boat. We were really young in those days and were sailing like crazy and was over enthusiastic about he trip. Fishes were also coming. But our good luck was not for us too long, and we crashed with a submerged rock under water. That was a very big accident and we two were seriously injured.

Both of us have shared various fishing reports about the day when we were back in to normal positions after fighting a prolonged after effects of the injury. We have become celebrity in our own ways among the locals. Peter arranged a class for his students and I’ve shared many of my memorable fishing stories with his students. I have also visited an institution for mentally and visually challenged students, just to tell them the worth of life. My failures and accidents have never let my fisherman spirit down with in me. So I was there to make them inspired about life despite their inabilities.

I’ve almost jotted down most of my experiences in my fishing reports. And they are really close to my heart. I myself am very proud of me, for having such good fisherman spirit which I never gave up. I am always spirited when am out for fishing and all my big or small trips are really close to my heart. All my experiences have left me with some lessons of my life. I feel myself blessed that I’ve been lucky enough to explore a lot of unexplored thing because of this undying liking towards fishing as a whole.

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Fishing Report about an Outing with My Family

Fishing Report
Me and my family was out for an outing at Port Lincon last time. Our trip was more of to explore the waters of the place and have some good time catching wealth. I have read a lot about the place in several fishing reports and thus we went to explore mainly the beaches of Port Lincon which is a distinguish one. I camped on the shores of the lake and was keen to get into the water. But my family was not so ready for the adventure. While they were in the comforts of the campground, I was willing to do some wading. I casted my line but had to tumble a lot to throw my line. The surface was so muddy and slippery that it was heard to even stand still on it.

But when am out on fishing, am always optimistic. I saw a fishermen’s boat few feet away from me so I knew fishes were there. Though I was not getting any action for long but I did not bait my cast and walked out a bit further beyond the weed line. Once I thought of changing the lure but it was reeled in too far. Thus I played a trick, I casted it a bit far this time instead of pulling the line back. Then I’ve felt a couple of ticks and I paused to set the hook. When the line was not moving I stood still and I couldn’t budge it in fact. Then I let the line loose and pulled in a mass of weeds and then BINGO I saw a fish and it was already stuck into my line.

Sooner then I waved to my family with a smile from ear to ear and was rolling back the line to grab the catch. My sister came running and trust me it took two of us a lot of efforts to bring the fish nearer to the shore. No doubt the fish was immensely strong and on top it the weeds were also bugging us a lot. My sister then held the line and I went near to the weeds and grabbed the fish from back. It was a giant carp. And in this fishing report, I want to share that the lesson that I learnt is here is, pains can also bring pleasures. And this was a perfect example of keeping faith upon oneself and that is what counts at last.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Fishing Report on My Hiking & Casting Experience

Recently I was out on a hiking and casting trip with some of my friends and after going through a lot of fishing reports we were superbly enthusiastic about the trip and we had set our expectations high from this adventure. We were geared up with all the accessories that we found necessary. So finally we took our fishing gears and buckle into haversacks and started.

We all had this vibe that this is going to an experience to remember. After reaching the spot we headed to the first large pool. The pool was closest to the place where the 4WD track met the river. The site was mind blowing. The place had awesome visual sceneries but the place dint really offered us anything. Although it was not that surprising and it was too much to expect anything from the place. It was hardly surprising to consider the hammering and release lure tossers.

As most of the fishing cases that I have, this time also the beginning was not that interesting, while the day unfolded its surprises at its later parts. The minimal amount of water that was flowing in the river was coming from Copeton. The river that we were into was basically was a series of pools. And this was linked with small runs of water. Sonner we have witnessed that the smaller cods were moving in the water. And we took no time to cast out baits and were happy to get a grab on the lot. Larger fishes were deep down under the water. Mostly ledges and boulders are mainly traveling on the pool bodies.

We keep on our hiking and casting trip in around the water and enjoyed it on the fullest. A lot of fishes of lot of variety were being bagged. We came back with lot of memories of exploring newest places. That was not a serious trip of that type. It was for more of fun than of anything else. But whatever the type or motive of a trip would be, it always left all of us with a lot of experience, fun and memories to cherish all the time. This trip was one like that and though I don’t have that much to offer in this fishing report but I am feeling happy to post it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

A Fishing Report On a Wise Fishing Technique

Fishing Report
I was out for fishing in the local water and was in a very fresh mind. I was ready to experiment some new things this time. I’ve decided to change some techniques this time. That day without going out in the morning, I went out in the afternoon at around 4 pm. This was the time when the sun was not hot but the temperature was still at moderate 30 centigrade.  And this was perfect for warming the water surface and this was a wise decision as the fishes were also in and around to enjoy this soothing warmth.

As it was the time when the day was about to end, so there was no time for me to waste. I’ve gone through few fishing reports where I’ve seen the hot spots of the water. And I’ve decided to hit those hot spots only. I was carrying my latest Blue Fox Vibrax Spinners and casted them on the respectful paces where the hot spots were. The results came almost instantly as my new Blue Fox spinners were working perfectly. I had managed to grab a nice 200 gram perch within almost no time. It took me no time to understand that perch were in and around and they were pretty aggressive as well.

After the first perch it took me a little tie to grab the next one. As the day was about to end so I was fearing I may not stay for long as in the dark it was of no use to wait for fishes. After a little wait, which was annoying as other than perch my hook was hitting to all the un-wanted stuffs. After a little wait my hook got hits every now and then. And I caught a lot of perch which made me really happy. But none was as great as the first one of the day.

So the moral is sometimes its better to step out of the lot and try something different. This help us to get an extremely different experience altogether. The monotony I was having was broken. And the results were also satisfying as well. And I’ll be really glad if this fishing report will help somebody to get out of his/her regular closets.