Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Australia Fishing Report: Respectful Results

This Australia fishing report is about a fishing adventure that I’ve experienced after a long gap. After being idle for quite a long time I’ve decided to go out and catch some wealth. Actually, on my last trip my spinning rod was broken which took me out of the mood for fishing for some time. But as we all know, difficulties makes you stronger and more stubborn, it is even true in my case always.

That was a Tuesday and I woke up quite late, at 8:30 AM. I was restless to go out and hold my rod and catch some fishes and that will moved me to the river. The morning sun bright and shiny and I was enjoying my sunbath. Buy that time I dint experienced any strikes whatsoever. I’ve been fishing in this area for long and my experiences told me that fishes of this area come to the shore when the sun is a little warmer. Fish love the heat of the warm surface water of the river. After few time, I got my first strike when the sun was perfectly warm. Within an hour I landed upon my first two perches of the day. At around 11:00 AM in the morning, I had a strike from a big sized pike. And I was more than happy as I knew this is something to envy about. The thing was over 50cm this year. And it certainly brought back the smile on my face as after coming out for a long break, I got venerating outcomes.

But this Australia Fishing Report is not all about this only. As we all know, a little success make us more eager to ask for more. Te fish made me more enthusiastic. My keenness helped me to have some fun. After that I have caught six more perches. Am not flaunting, but I really want to tell you all that  one of them was a personal record for me – 26cm. 7 perches were released to their natural habitat. I was enjoying myself at the fullest and had fun fishing with popper of 6 strikes. For me these are certainly respectful results from this small river and it had helped me to rediscover the zeal of fishing within me.

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