Monday, November 15, 2010

A Fishing Report about an Outing with My Family

Fishing Report
Me and my family was out for an outing at Port Lincon last time. Our trip was more of to explore the waters of the place and have some good time catching wealth. I have read a lot about the place in several fishing reports and thus we went to explore mainly the beaches of Port Lincon which is a distinguish one. I camped on the shores of the lake and was keen to get into the water. But my family was not so ready for the adventure. While they were in the comforts of the campground, I was willing to do some wading. I casted my line but had to tumble a lot to throw my line. The surface was so muddy and slippery that it was heard to even stand still on it.

But when am out on fishing, am always optimistic. I saw a fishermen’s boat few feet away from me so I knew fishes were there. Though I was not getting any action for long but I did not bait my cast and walked out a bit further beyond the weed line. Once I thought of changing the lure but it was reeled in too far. Thus I played a trick, I casted it a bit far this time instead of pulling the line back. Then I’ve felt a couple of ticks and I paused to set the hook. When the line was not moving I stood still and I couldn’t budge it in fact. Then I let the line loose and pulled in a mass of weeds and then BINGO I saw a fish and it was already stuck into my line.

Sooner then I waved to my family with a smile from ear to ear and was rolling back the line to grab the catch. My sister came running and trust me it took two of us a lot of efforts to bring the fish nearer to the shore. No doubt the fish was immensely strong and on top it the weeds were also bugging us a lot. My sister then held the line and I went near to the weeds and grabbed the fish from back. It was a giant carp. And in this fishing report, I want to share that the lesson that I learnt is here is, pains can also bring pleasures. And this was a perfect example of keeping faith upon oneself and that is what counts at last.

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