Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Fishing Report of My Fisherman Spirit

I love to share my fishing reports on web Last week I took a trip on a charter boat and this fishing report is about that only. I am avid fisherman who is always keen to spend most of his time on the water only. I also had gone through a number of accidents while catching fish but those hurdles never let me away from the thing that I love most to do.

Fishing Reports
Once I went on a fishing trip with one of my very good friends named Robin Calitri. He is a retired school teacher and writes a lot of fishing reports. We were on a private boat. We were really young in those days and were sailing like crazy and was over enthusiastic about he trip. Fishes were also coming. But our good luck was not for us too long, and we crashed with a submerged rock under water. That was a very big accident and we two were seriously injured.

Both of us have shared various fishing reports about the day when we were back in to normal positions after fighting a prolonged after effects of the injury. We have become celebrity in our own ways among the locals. Peter arranged a class for his students and I’ve shared many of my memorable fishing stories with his students. I have also visited an institution for mentally and visually challenged students, just to tell them the worth of life. My failures and accidents have never let my fisherman spirit down with in me. So I was there to make them inspired about life despite their inabilities.

I’ve almost jotted down most of my experiences in my fishing reports. And they are really close to my heart. I myself am very proud of me, for having such good fisherman spirit which I never gave up. I am always spirited when am out for fishing and all my big or small trips are really close to my heart. All my experiences have left me with some lessons of my life. I feel myself blessed that I’ve been lucky enough to explore a lot of unexplored thing because of this undying liking towards fishing as a whole.

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