Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Fishing Report about a Funny Incident

I was out for fishing with my nephew last morning. The young lad was very keen to learn some first hand experience in fly fishing, so I was showing him the finer art of the game and this fishing report is about the experience. I was confident that at-least I would end up catching a loch moor and my nephew will get to experience that he desperately was longing for.

This time I was out with a weight forward sinking line which is regarded as the best for fly fishing. I had also made it compulsory for my nephew to go through some fishing reports before the experience. I planned to target some Australian salmon. And I was happy and my nephew was happier seeing the container getting filled up with salmons. He was also trying and learning the tactics by casting false casts.

I was keen to let him try some actual casts and also wanted make sure that the casts should be productive. And I must admit, the boy had tremendous luck in doing so. I was in-fact stunned to see how easily he was getting hold on those wealth. At his age I dint even knew how to hold the fishing line. I was literally awestruck at his deeds. When I was silently admiring him, the cast that I was holding from my back got a bite from salmon. The ten years old was then making fun of me, “Are you going to let that one go away? You seriously don’t want that or what?” His sarcasm let me understand that I’ve stuck one of them unknowingly.

By the time I’ve understood what exactly was going on, the fish had already grabbed the fly on the cast and was already leaving. After the initial shock I was on quick action again and grabbed the rod and started folding it. After quite a struggle I finally managed to get the salmon on my box. Although this is a success story, but the humor that is attached to it gave my nephew an extra bit of fun here. He is now busy spreading the story how a salmon was about his uncle fool.

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